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Fracking Industry Destroys Precious FreshWater at Alarming Rates

Our colleagues at Fractracker took the liberty of calculating lateral length for all laterals prior to the Outlaw and Walleye laterals coming online and the average was pretty well distributed but with a mean of 7,452. However, now these two pads between them along with the Outlaw B 3H and 5H, Outlaw C 7H, Outlaw B 5H, Purple Hayes 1H, and Law are all in excess of 17-19,000 feet.

Lateral length increases exceed by nearly 3 times the trend we had expected at this point last year and these longer laterals are using 4 times the amount of water per lateral foot.

Lateral length for all Utica laterals has been calculated and is available at the Ohio Shale Viewer

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