Public Records Request

FreshWater Accountability Project has continually interacted with the regulatory agencies in Ohio, often requesting public records, to determine how well the fracking industry is monitored and held accountable for its harms and to ask the regulators' involvement to be...

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Community Science Success!

Thanks to the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies for funding a Community Science project for the Appalachian Petrochemical Protection, FreshWater Accountability Project made great progress over the last year to purchase and install low-cost air monitoring...

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Better Vision

A Better Vision for the Valley was an inspirational conference organized by FreshWater Accountability Project and attended by many residents from the Ohio Valley, as well as representatives from numerous environmental groups.

We Want Better Jobs!

Letter to Gov. DeWine

Click here to view the letter we sent to Governor DeWine to cease permitting until regulatory deficiencies are reviewed. You may use our letter as reference when writing to your elected officials to express your concerns. 

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