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Appeal to General Assembly with Resnikoff Report

Appeal to General Assembly with Resnikoff Report

We are asking for your attention and involvement in a very serious matter confronting Ohioans at this time. As you may know, the unconventional shale drilling industry (fracking) has unduly influenced our political processes, democratic values and environmental protections at the expense of the citizenry, potentially causing catastrophic loss of public health, property values and precious freshwater supplies. Right now, our solid waste landfills and injection wells are being used for disposal of hazardous and radioactive waste from the fracking industry in non-hazardous disposal sites with inadequate regulations that will threaten our clean water and air with the potential to cause catastrophic health problems.

Attached is a report we commissioned and recently released FYI. In addition to the review of this report, we are respectfully requesting you to direct particular attention to the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) as a willful participant and proponent of the industry and its destructive influences, at potentially catastrophic public expense.

As you may or may not know, the MWCD operates basically without checks and balances and is a case of lack of separation of power and accountability through its singular interpretation and application of Ohio’s Revised Code Chapter 6101. This loosely-written and -interpreted code has been applied in ways to realize the Conservancy District’s goal to build a powerful and influential separate nation-state within the State of Ohio, basically accountable to no one, including property owners within the district who pay property taxes without due process or public vote, according to assessments made by the MWCD.

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