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Letter from Santa Sent to Naughty Ohio Legislators

30 Letters Sent to Those Who Amended HB507 to call Natural Gas Green and Force the Fracking of State Lands. In the 2022 lame duck session, the Ohio legislature amended House Bill 507 entitled, “Revise number of poultry chicks that may be sold in lots,” to force the...

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muskingum watershed

The MWCD must stop leasing our precious reservoirs to be fracked and stop selling our water to be destroyed.

Better Vision

A Better Vision for the Valley was an inspirational conference organized by FreshWater Accountability Project and attended by many residents from the Ohio Valley, as well as representatives from numerous environmental groups.

Fracking Violates Human Rights

FWAP provides testimony to the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal, a respected international human-rights court, the Rome-based Tribunal, began a week-long hearing on the impacts of fracking and climate change on human and Earth rights.

Letter to Gov. DeWine

Click here to view the letter we sent to Governor DeWine to cease permitting until regulatory deficiencies are reviewed. You may use our letter as reference when writing to your elected officials to express your concerns. 

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