On April 2 we met with Representative Brian Hill’s aide, Brandon Ogden. Now we’re following up regarding the discussion we had about Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District. You may find the links useful at the end of this message

Dear Brandon:

Please share this with Representative Hill for his information. I am assembling a mailing for Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) property owners (after finally receiving addresses – see attached press release) related to the effects that fracking can have on property values. Many people in the district are slowly becoming aware of the effects that this temporary, industrialized and highly unregulated practice can have upon their peaceful enjoyment of property; however, they are not aware of the long-term effects that leasing for fracking, losing huge amounts of freshwater as well as creating a toxic and radioactive waste disposal problem can have upon their quality of life and property values. This awareness could erupt suddenly if the investigative reporter from NY who contacted us does a nationwide story on what is happening in Ohio to allow the fracking industry to cheaply dispose of waste without federal compliance (even though our state allows it through dismantled regulations and the refusal to acknowledge the science and emerging facts to show our concerns are legitimate). We can project from information coming in from other states who have had experience with fracking that our concerns are real. The attached pdf documents just a preview of coming attractions in Ohio.

We are asking for Representative Hill’s involvement to stop the MWCD from leasing yet another reservoir for fracking (see attached press release). We are also forwarding this information to Senator Balderson because we know both elected officials are working to protect Ohio’s economic future and will want to act to mitigate the long-term damage this industry is known to cause.

Dear Sam – could you also forward to Senator Balderson’s attention – thanks!

Best regards,
Lea Harper
(419) 450-7042

“The New York State Bar Association calls it the “perfect storm begging for immediate attention.” For homeowners who have been caught in the storm, it is an unmitigated economic disaster. But for the oil and gas industry at the center of it all, it is just the latest potential roadblock threatening to derail its plans to quickly drill up our nation’s natural gas reserves before changing laws and growing negative public sentiment permanently alter the prospect for doing so.” Continue Reading, Click Here.


“Over the past several years, the fossil-fuel industry has been highly adept at publicizing the economic upshots of fracking: royalty checks, decreased prices for oil and gas, profits for investors.

But the industry is far less eager to discuss the hidden costs of the current drilling boom — the long term price of air and water pollution, the consequences of undermining a nascent renewable energy industry, the harms from accidents when moving and storing all the hazardous waste fracking produces.” Continue Reading, Click Here.

“The presentation lists banks that may decline to provide mortgages on properties that have gas leases. Some of these banks are among the largest residential mortgage lenders nationwide. Asked about their policies, several lenders emphasized that they decide on a case-by-case basis whether to lend on properties with drilling leases. ” Continue Reading, Click Here.

Here are some additional files:


Affronts to Citizens from Fracking (1)

Piedmont Lease