Ohio.com has maps of the Utica and Marcellus shale plays. You can type in your address and see drill sites near you.

Not only does this site have the fracking maps, but it also contains the injection well maps. Injection wells are typically old vertical oil and gas wells that have been converted to waste storage. There is no science that supports the safety of this drilling method. ProPublica published a comprehensive article series that highlights the major concerns of injection wells: view it here.

Ohio has over 200 injection wells (2014). In 2013, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources released their injection well data for 2012. Nearly 60% of all toxic, radioactive drilling waste injected into Ohio wells is from neighboring states. Ohio legislators and agencies will argue that Ohio has the best regulations. However, the neighboring state of Pennsylvania had 6 active injection wells in 2012 with 8 permitted.