The Southeast Ohio Alliance to Save Our Water, in affiliation with the FreshWater Accountability Project ( announced plans today to form a citizens’ group to hold the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) accountable to property owners and taxpayers within the largest conservancy district in Ohio. This initiative, “Stop MWCD Now,” will pick up from the last organized opposition in the face of the property owner tax assessment that was justified because of the MWCD’s claim that it provided value-added services for public benefit. “Now that the MWCD has been shown to operate more as a for-profit agency, serving the unconventional shale gas drilling industry, putting property owners’ health, water quality and home values at risk, we can again mount opposition to what we see as a self-serving agency that cares more about serving the risky, temporary, horizontal drilling industry that consumes and destroys massive amounts of valuable freshwater than for those who live within the district and pay taxes for its operation,” stated Lea Harper, the group’s organizer.

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