“This video was produced by Ohio Alliance for People and Environment and NEOGAP (Network for Oil and Gas Accountability and Protection).

THE PURPOSE OF THIS VIDEO is to provide information and resources to local people who want to work with their neighbors and local elected officials to implement LOCAL strategies to stop the new, under-regulated practice of fracking from coming to their community.

The Video looks at the problems fracking brings to health, safety, economy, property rights and values, peace and quiet, etc. While this video is mostly for people who already know about fracking (and want to work locally to stop it from coming to their community), it does provide information to viewers who might not know about fracking.

The video discusses methods of educating neighbors and local government leaders about the negatives of fracking and keeping as many people as possible from signing drilling leases.

Finally, it offers methods of implementing for local governments to use to say “No” to fracking.”

Ohio, Get FrACTive! from Ohio Anti-Fracking Videos on Vimeo.