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Oil and Gas Well Search

Oil and Gas Well Search

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has a well search tool that is open to the public. The website is widely criticized because it is difficult to use. Once you get the hang of it you can determine when a well is permitted for drilling and where.

The website provides basic instructions:

  • To begin search, click the plus sign to open appropriate folder; then click the search you wish to perform.
  • Select a search operator in the middle box across from the field(s) you want to use; usually Like or Equal.
    • Like searches for results that include what is selected from the dropdown menu or entered;
    • Equal is an exact search.
  • Select a search operator for every row search data are selected or entered.
  • Click the right-most box to enter/select the data you want to search by.
  • Repeat these two steps for every field you want to use to search.
    • Do not alter a row if it is not being used to search.
  • Click Report to display results.

The ODNR’s well search tool is found here.

If you’re interested in other maps and data sets, check out the nonprofit organization, Frac Tracker, shares maps, data, and analysis to communicate the impacts of oil and gas drilling. Learn more about them here.

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