Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Columbus Area Office
200 North High Street, Room 620
Columbus, OH 43215

February 9, 2021

To Whom It May Concern,

As concerned residents, former industry workers, scientists, journalists, and researchers who have investigated the radioactive elements of oil and gas waste in the Marcellus shale region, we are filing a complaint with OSHA. We ask that each of the following Ohio Chief’s Orders facilities be tested for radiological contamination including, radium (alpha, beta and gamma) exposure for workers. Our research has uncovered undeniable evidence that oil and gas industry workers are being exposed to unsafe levels of radioactivity. Oil and gas workers have not been trained properly, nor been given the necessary safety equipment, and are uninformed of the radiological risks posed by working for this industry. There are no state or federal laws requiring companies to identify oil and gas waste as hazardous (due to the Bentsen and Bevill Amendments exemption under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act), despite the known presence of radium in oil and gas waste since the 1930’s.

Read the full letter here (pdf).