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Governor Kasich,

We ask that you protect the citizens of Ohio and act now to stop the fracking industry and encourage renewable, sustainable energy initiatives. It’s apparent that fracking has not produced the jobs or the economic growth that was promised. Now is the time as the industry is in decline and before huge new pipelines are built. More science comes forward every day to show that there are serious harms to human health and the environment by fracking and its toxic, radioactive waste. Court cases are assessing damages to those who have been harmed. Your administration has supported the fracking industry and turned a blind eye long enough. Like Governor Cuomo in New York, we ask that you ban fracking and that Ohio is no longer used as the dumping ground to dispose of fracking waste. We are holding you accountable for the fact that the regulatory agency, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources has allowed the industry to proliferate without first finalizing regulations related to oil and natural gas operations. FWAP and others will continue to monitor and document the environmental and public health impacts caused by fracking in our state. Until our elected officials represent the people and fulfill their duties in the best interests of Ohio citizens, we will continue to document the harms to establish accountability. In the future, there will be a look back, and we will name names of those who looked the other way while harms were done by a single industry exempted from important environmental regulations like no other. We continue to call for your help, Governor Kasich, and ask that you investigate the industry and probe into the truth of how the fracking industry operates and the harms it does to people and the environment while exacerbating the most costly and lethal catastrophe of our time – global climate change. The harms of fracking have been well documented, and must be stopped. We should have zero tolerance for the destruction of our precious water, the contamination of our clean air, and for just one person made seriously ill by the industry. Your administration can no longer look the other way – we know of the harms, and the truth will come out. Please act now to protect Ohioans rather than the profits of the corporations who are harming them.


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