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The Last Budget Bill

The Last Budget Bill

The Governor’s Budget Bill magically converted radioactive waste from regulated to unregulated to make it cheap and easy to dispose in Ohio. We risk being poisoned by water soluble radium 226 and 228 that can be dumped, spilled or migrate into our drinking water supplies.

According to the US EPA, exposure to radium and the various isotopes like 226 and 228, increase the risk of developing several diseases including bone cancer, lymphoma, and other types of cancers. It leads to other diseases such as leukemia and aplastic anemia.

The US EPA says the exposure to “gamma radiation is harmful”:

“Gamma rays can penetrate the body, so gamma emitters like radium can result in exposures even when the source is a distance away.”

Read this report commissioned by FWAP to reveal the truth of the risks of radioactive poisoning of Ohioans by fracking: OHIO FACT SHEET 6-13-13

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