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Info From The Shale Gas Drilling Conference

Info From The Shale Gas Drilling Conference

On April 5 and 6, 2013 The Wean Foundation held the Information From Unconventional Shale Drilling Conference. Here are the files from the conference.

Conference Program: 67481412

Shale Drilling and Wall Street: 67481413

Influencing Legislation and Building Public Awareness: 67481417

Johnson BFC Warren OH Conference: 67481421

Gas Waste Streams: 67481430

Addressing Health Concerns in the Face of Fracking: 67481451

LNG Exports and the Bridge to Nowhere: 67481471

Unconventional Politics of Unconventional Gas: 68827936

Nisenoff olcv on Advocacy: 67481479

Community Bill of Rights CELDF presentation: 67481493

Shale Gas Waste stream JWR 4/6/13 Warren: 67481513

A One Health Perspective: Impacts of Unconventional Deep Horizontal Fracking on Human and Animal Health: 67481474

Weatherington Rice O&G legal-public policy JWR 4.5.13: 67481495

Woodrum 4/5 fracking economics: 67481537

Aging Democracy & Advancing Technology: 67481406

Ecological Economic Impacts of Fracking: 67481497

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