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ODNR Records Request Response: Toxic Facilities With Chief’s Orders

ODNR Records Request Response: Toxic Facilities With Chief’s Orders

The below records are from ODNR in response to our public request for records of the toxic waste facilities given “Chief’s Orders” to operate.


ODNR Chief’s Order Summary Letters

Facility Chief’s Order Summaries letters


HTP Unlimited

2014 182 ATP Unlimited LLC Truck Washing Facility

Application for Chief’s Order


Austin Masters

3-7934-roof truss

3-7938-roof truss 2

3-7961-strain beam & lift beam

3-7965-line H

3-8105-floor slabs


2014 541 Austin Master Services LLC AMS Martins Ferry Facility

AMS amendment ltr Signed license (1)

Application 09-11-2014

Austin Master Exhibit A

permit final- 10-30-2014

Revised Martins Ferry Application 10-10-2014


Belmont Solids Control

8 1 14 Letter to Belmont Solids

PDF Submittal – 10 03 2014


Chevron Appalachian

Application for order 07-2014

Chevron Appalachian 9 24 14 Application

Revised application for order 09-2014


Clearwater Technologies

Clearwater Technologies application for an order

Clearwater Technologies Complete application 10-17-2014

Clearwater Technologies RAD Action Plan_10-17-14

Clearwater Technologies Review letter 09-18-2014.doc

Dike DRG 10-17-14

Yorkville_Source_Water_Map 10-17-14


CMS Oilfield Services

2014 185 CMS Oil Field Services State Route 43 Facility

Application for Chiefs Order Revised 6-2014

Application for Chiefs Order

CMS App 6 2 14 REPLACED BY 6 5 14 App


Deficiency Letter (FINAL)

Deficiency letter 04-18-2014.docx


Dynamic Structures

Dynamic Structures comment letter

Dynamic Structures Facility Application


E & R Services

09-04-2014 review letter

Application – minus drawings 09-15-2014

Application – minus drawings

Application Comment letter 06-24-2014

Correspondence with E&R

Email Response to Cody Ward

Recommend for order

1 of 6

2 of 6

3 of 6

4 of 6

5 of 6

6 of 6


Environmental Coordination Services

2014 369 Environmental Coordination Services & Recycling Inc. Temporary Authorization to Store Brine & Other Substances

Application 2014-06-05

june 30 2014 letter

revised application 2014-7-07


Heckman Water Resources

2014 370 Heckman Water Resources Inc. Temporary Authorization to Store Brine and Other Substances

Application to Operate a Facility_05-27-2014

Application to Operate a Facility_6 26 14 (Final)

Application to Operate a Facility_12 23 2013

Facilities Stabilization Notification

RPP draft

Upgrade Drawings_Goff Facility_11 5 2014


K & H Partners

2013-10-09 K&H letter

2014 178 K&H Partners, LLC Temporary Authorization to Process and Store Brine & Other Waste

2014-02-20 K&H order review

Application & Attachments

cross-sections of containment


Mark Stanley Horizontal Recycling

comment letter Oct 2014

Mark Stanley 10 6 14 Letter


Ohio Valley Towing

2014 179 Ohio Valley Towning Ltd. Storage & Processing Facility

Ohio Valley Towing 5 14 14 Application

Ohio Valley Towing March 2014 App


PETTA Industries

PETTA Enterprises Application 10 5 14

PETTA Enterprises Photos and Drawings

Pressure Tech

2014 184 Pressure Tech Ind Cleaning Services Inc. Norwich Facility

Pressure Tech Application

Pressure Tech Drawings

Pressure Tech Sample Forms


Weavertown Transport

112-048 ODNR Application Narrative Revised Attachments 4-8-14r

2014 183 Weavertown Transport Leasing, Inc. WTL Processing Facility

phased request for construction

revised-phased-drawings 10-2014


Wise Services Lisbon

Containment Area
Hydro Vac 3.31.2014

2014 180 Wise Services Inc. Lisbon Facility





Truck Clean Out 3.31.14

Truck Wash Procedure 4.4.2014

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